About Ranjan Chhibber, Ph.D.

“I am not your Superstar.” — Klaus Kinski

Influenced by filmmakers and writers as diverse as Gaspar Noe, Darren Aronofsky, Jack Ketchum, and Paul Heyman, among others, Dr. Chhibber could think of no better moniker for himself than Cinema Sinner.

He wrote about Paul Heyman in his doctoral dissertation as one of his cultural heroes, and was able to achieve his dream some years later by actually working for him.  Not since Norman Lear has a television writer had such an impact on television or had the pulse on popular culture than Paul E. has. Ranjan considers it a privilege to have worked for and learned from him.

Dr. Chhibber’s writings celebrate the censored, praise the proscribed, patronize the pariahs, and finds the genius in films and television that have suffered the malediction of the masses.


Dr. Chhibber Teaching

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